What we've been up to

Fixing the fleet, stage 2

27 March 2019

When Citroen made the C4 Loeb, they missed a couple of important features - in our opinion!  So having been handed a fresh MOT and being told it is in pretty good shape for an 11 year old car with 170k (ish) miles under his belt, we've ungraded ours a bit.  Heated mirrors - while our business is still in its early stages and one of us still has to go out to work, heated mirrors in winter/spring time are very useful, it's just a bit of a bonus that they fold in electronically too.  Headlights - given the car's age and the fact that newer car headlights seem to burn your retinas at every given opportunity, we decided we want to be up the with the big boys, so we've upgraded to the Xenon headlights.  Add lowering springs and new wheels into the mix and he's looking pretty damn fine!

Fixing the fleet, stage 1

23 February 2019

After years of working for other people and not having time for our own ageing fleet, we've finally made a start!  The 306 was first on the list with its badly worn rear axle.  We sourced a replacement off a fellow Peugeot nut on Facebook and between actually working for a living, uprated the brakes and replaced the broken front spring with a pair of slightly lowered ones. Next up is the C4.....